J-pop Música

Last night he was hit by a car

Da série “nunca prestei atenção na letra até agora”, algumas músicas da Miz. Conheci ela por cantar o tema de Grandia III, viciei, e obviamente ela parou de cantar. Oh well.

Em Story Untold, estranhamente uma música com jeito feliz / esperançoso:

There was a man
Poor and homeless
I read he won the lottery
He bought a house
Got married had it all
Last night he was hit by a car
Suddenly your world can turn upside down
Life’s a roller coaster ride


Em You Can Do Anything:

She’s just the ordinary girl
You see everyday
She cuts her arms in different ways
She keeps her paintings on the wall
Turned the other way
Coz she’s afraid of what people might say


She’s like the average type of girl
You meet everyday
She’s tried 4 times to end her life
She keeps her secrets to herself
Won’t let nobody in
Coz’s she afraid of what they might find


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