Anime e Mangá CLAMP Kobato.

Kobato. 22D

Kobato. Cap 22D (scanlation): Kobato pode ser toupeira, mas tem um dos poderes mais phodásticos do CLAMP-verse.

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Ioryogi: …That human hasn’t noticed Kobato’s wings.

He can’t see them.

But that is certainly something that only angels have,
Wings transparent to light.

Ioryogi: They’re

…Her wings.

But why are the angel’s wings on Kobato…

It can’t be…

Não pode ser…! O quê? D:

Kobato: …There is a person you care about.

Though you were together once…

In order to keep that person away from true danger,

You intentionally wounded them,
…And parted.

Kobato: And because
You still care about them, you’re deceiving them too.

Okiura: !

Ioryogi: That really is an angel’s power.

She’s reading Okiura’s heart with hougan.

Ioryogi: But she should be sleeping inside Kobato.

Okiura: Even though it’s conjecture, that’s terrible.

Kobato: …I’ve only spoken according to what I heard within your heart.

Though it was hidden multiple times, and it was hard to hear,

It was certainly your voice.

Kobato: Your wish is that that person you care about be happy,

Though that is a very hard thing for you.

That person is…

Podendo ler o coração dos outros, a Kobato poderia resolver todas as séries do CLAMP em dois capítulos.

Fujimoto: Why did you say that I don’t like you!!

Kobato: Because there are no signs

That you like me.

Fujimoto: …What
Did you say?

Kobato: From the first time we met until now, I’ve only been a bother,

And made you angry, Fujimoto-san.
!!! page 20
Fujimoto: I’m not angry!

Kobato: ?


I’m sorry…

FX: Smoothly

Fujimto: That’s not it…!

Awwww. Vem cá, porque ela não usa o poder dela no Fujimoto? :P

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